Jump Rope, Ab, & Boxer Challenges ~ Day 27

Jump Rope Challenge D27 ~ 10min skipping in total ✓

Split into two sets of 5min.

Ab Advanced Challenge D27 ~ 540 sit-ups + 540 sitting twists + 270 leg raises ✔

Sit-ups – 300/240
Twists – 160/160/160/60
Raises – 80/80/80/30

I gotta be honest I am getting bored with doing so many sit-ups…
I am not disliking them, it just takes over ten minutes to do 300 reps so it is definitely a monotonous activity for me now.

Boxer Challenge D27 ~ 2000 punches ☑

Split into four sets of 500reps

Fit Tap by Darebee: 20 L sit-ups, 20 squat+jab+cross, 10 stacked push-ups, 40 climbers, 10 full bridges, 20 punches, 5 plank walk-outs.

This app is a really awesome way for me to stay warm when I am cold and give something to do when I am bored 😛 I love it!!

I’ll very likely end up doing more from it later this afternoon!


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