#13 ~ Be able to do 50 push-ups in a row ~ DONE!

After making several attempts over the last year or so to do this number on my list, and sustaining injury each time, I finally I am able to say I can do it!!!!

I can attribute much of my success to programs and a specific experiment done through Darebee from the beginning of 2016 until now. The team in charge of that site, and all the bees in the Hive, are absolutely amazing!! 😀

Also, I’ve gotten real good at understanding my body and thankfully suffered no setbacks in the form of injuries either small or big. This aspect certainly has played a huge role in me accomplishing this physical goal as the biggest reason for failure in the past was an injury.

To the super, happy part of my day, I did two sets of 51 push-ups with a 2min rest between!!!!!!!!! The second set was to see if I totally fluked out or not, I wanted to be certain I could do it. I literally finished that second set and was so happy I actually jumped around and definitely did a happy dance hahaha
I might add a video in a day or two if I remember to make one when I do push-ups tomorrow or the next day 😛

Everyday I will be doing at least a hundred push-ups and I want to add in more variations to keep it interesting mentally and physically!!

Next up is tackling the 20 pull-ups in a row *fist pump*


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