Jump Rope, Ab, & Boxer Challenges ~ Day 17 + 300 Push-Ups/300 Curls ~ Day 2

Jump Rope Challenge D17 ~ 6min skipping in total ✓

I split the time into two sets of three minutes. So glad that this is becoming more of a natural movement again.

Ab Advanced Challenge D17 ~ 360 sit-ups + 360 sitting twists + 180 leg raises ✔

Split the sit-ups into two sets, 300reps and 60reps. I split the twists into three sets of 120reps, and the raises into three sets of 60reps.

Boxer Challenge D17 ~ 1min high knees + 1min rest/6 sets ☑

I still always enjoy these kinds of high knees days for this challenge 😀

300 Push-Ups/300 Bicep Curls Experiment ~ Day 2 [Approximate time: 50 minutes]



I am very surprised that I finished this in about 50 minutes today and I had bigger sets too. And despite having a very sore chest/front side of shoulders and lats I actually didn’t tire out like I did yesterday towards the end of all the reps.

I switched to 20lb dumbbells for Day 2 and I am glad I did! It’s challenging enough to physically push me but not to the point where I was wondering if I hurt my shoulder(s) or my elbow(s).


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