Jump Rope, Ab, & Boxer Challenges ~ Days 14 & 15

Jump Rope Challenge D14 ~ 1min skips + 1min rest/4 sets ✓

Ab Advanced Challenge D14 ~ 320 sit-ups + 320 sitting twists + 160 leg raises ✔

I thought I would see if I could actually do over 200reps a set for sit-ups and I totally can! My first set was 220reps and my second was 100 reps. I split the twist into two sets like normal (160 reps) and the leg raises I split into four sets, 50/50/30/30.

Boxer Challenge D14 ~ 10 push-ups + 40 punches (no rest)/5 sets ☑

With no rest for five sets this was tough!! Getting that last ten push-ups done was really slow!

Jump Rope Challenge D15 ~ 450 skips one workout ✓

Ab Advanced Challenge D15 ~ 340 sit-ups + 340 sitting twists + 170 leg raises ✔

I thought I would push my sit-ups to ‘to failure’ today as I could have done more yesterday I just chose not to go further. My first set ended up being 300reps so my second set was 40 reps. 300 is a new personal best and my core is going to be so incredibly sore later and tomorrow. I split the twists into two sets (170reps) again today but I think I may need to split them into three sets from now on as my back was feeling a touch twingey. The did the leg raises in three sets of 60/60/50 which was quick challenging!

Boxer Challenge D15 ~ 1400 punches in total ☑

I plopped some tunes in and got these done quickly before I started on my shoulder and lat weight workout. Hopefully my arms/shoulders aren’t too sore for tomorrow!


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