Jump Rope, Ab, Boxer Challenges ~ Days 12 & 13 + Avatar Upgrade C21 ~ Program Done!

Jump Rope Challenge D12 ~ skipping 6min in total ✓

I split this into 2 sets of 3 minutes each.

Ab Advanced Challenge D12 ~ 120 up & down planks ✔

Ughhhh… still not a fan of these… it’s more the amount I have to do than the exercise itself, it’s so many!

Boxer Challenge D12 ~ 1 minute non-stop: 1 push-up + 4 punches ☑

Already getting faster at this ‘day’ in the challenge.

Jump Rope Challenge D13 ~ 3 minute skips non-stop ✓

Glad I was able to do the 3min sets yesterday as it apparently made sure I was good for today.

Ab Advanced Challenge D13 ~ 300 sit-ups + 300 sitting twists + 150 leg raises ✔

My abs are almost in a constant state of soreness it seems. It isn’t terribly noticeable until I am hitting my the reps in the nineties and then they are screaming at me to just stop!

Boxer Challenge D13 ~ 20 sec high knees + 20 sec punches (no rest)/5 sets ☑

This always goes by very quickly. I enjoy high knees!

Avatar Upgrade ~ Card 21 ~ 7 sets (200 points Body Armour & 200 points Combat)

++: to failure pull-ups/4 sets ~ 12/9/6/5

I completed this program as of today 😀
I enjoyed it a lot from beginning to end. The only drawback for me was how much time was needed for each card, especially if you wanted to get the maximum points for each skill. Other than that, it was a good degree of difficultly for me.

I’ll add a pic of my Avatar Skills leveled up later on!


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