Jump Rope, Ab, & Boxer Challenges ~ Days 9 to 11 + Avatar Upgrade C17 & C24

Jump Rope Challenge D9 ~ 1min skips + 1min rest/3 sets ✓

Ab Advanced Challenge D9 ~ 220 sit-ups + 220 sitting twists + 110 leg raises ✔

Boxer Challenge D9 ~ 1min high knees + 1min rest/5 sets ☑

Jump Rope Challenge D10 ~ 400 skips one workout ✓

Ab Advanced Challenge D10 ~ 240 sit-ups + 240 sitting twists + 120 leg raises ✔

Boxer Challenge D10 ~ 10 push-ups + 40 punches (20 sec rest)/5 sets ☑

Got out in the morning for a 11km run and am very pleased to have that distance at just under an hour *fist pump* and I am not sore from it at all!

Jump Rope Challenge D11 ~ 1min skips + 1min rest/4 sets ✓

Ab Advanced Challenge D11 ~ 280 sit-ups + 280 sitting twists + 140 leg raises ✔

Boxer Challenge D11 ~ 1200 punches in total ☑

Avatar Upgrade ~ Card 17 ~ 7 sets (600 points Speed) & Card 24 ~ 7 sets (600 points Flexibility). I only have one card left for this program and then it is finished!! I will most likely do it Friday or Saturday as tomorrow is my arm day and it’s already fairly long… I could certainly change my mind but now I don’t plan on it.

to failure push-ups/3 sets ~ 38 reps/31 reps/27 reps

38 reps is a new personal best, I was sooooooo close to getting 39 reps but I just couldn’t push myself back up past a push-up plank position. I am just so glad to have finally gotten over 37 reps after being stuck at that amount for like two months!

I’m planning to start this experiment probably next Monday (the 16th), it’s 300 push-ups/300 bicep curls a day for 10 days, via Darebee of course 😀
I originally slotted it to start on the 21st but I realized I have this super chill week then and then a busy, hard end of the month with all the challenges I am doing. So, it’s in my best interest to start this earlier so I am not killing myself at the end of the month. I am really looking forward it, I think it will be fun!


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