30-Day Book Challenge ~ Days 9 to 11

Day 9 ~ A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Tales of the City series by Armistead Maupin

So incredibly well written and such a range of characters!
The author does an amazing job connecting all the different personalities, social circles, sexuality, everyday living, etc. Not a type of story I thought I would ever enjoy but he definitely became one of my favourite fiction writers before I got halfway through the first book!

Day 10 ~ A book that reminds you of home

The original Dune series by Frank Herbert and honestly most of the Expanded Universe Star Wars books (nevermind that it isn’t canon anymore…. *pout pout*) I’ve invested 20 years of my life into so they are just such a huge part of me, as silly as that probably sounds to some people.

Day 11 ~ A book you completely disliked

I have a decent-sized ‘should have been a dnf’ shelf on Goodreads so I am not going to list that whole thing here and I honestly can’t recall majority of the titles. That shows just how much I didn’t enjoy a book, by either remembering nothing about it or only remembering how badly it is written.

Twilight is the first title that comes to mind, and the rest of the series follows very closely behind. One the worst female models in a story I have ever read. Constantly submissive to a controlling partner, attempts suicide over and over to feel closer to him after he breaks up with her, uses her ‘best friend’ to essentially be her rebound, never mind that weird imprinting on a baby that is just effed up………… *sigh* I never read stuff like this when I was a teenager.

Fifty Shades of Grey is right up there too. I only got a handful of chapters in back when it came out and couldn’t take anymore than that as it was so awful!

You want to read a REAL erotica series then pick up Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Not only is it extremely well written, with great characters and story line, but it shows a much more realistic dom/sub relationship view and look at the BDSM world. Five stars from start to finish in my opinion.

Fifty Shades isn’t even comparable, it’s simply watered down drivel.


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