Jump Rope, Ab, & Boxer Challenges ~ Day 2 & 3 + Avatar Upgrade C10, C18, C25, C28, C30

Jump Rope Challenge D2 ~ 4min skipping in total ✓

I did 2 min, then 1 min, and 1 min. It’s not the cardio element that I struggle with its my bloody coordination with the rope -_-
I feel like such a noob….

Ab Advanced Challenge D2 ~ 120 sit-ups + 120 sitting twists + 60 leg raises ✔

Did the sit-ups all in one shot.
I split the sitting twists into two sets of 60reps as I knew I couldn’t do 120 all in one shot. And I split the leg raises into two sets of 30reps which was a challenge!

Boxer Challenge D2 ~ 10 push-ups + 40 punches + 20 sec rest/4 sets ☑

I wasn’t sure if this would be difficult or not, but it actually wasn’t that bad.
The very last set of push-ups is when it got tough, so I’m very glad it didn’t go past 4 sets otherwise I wouldn’t have made it.

Avatar Upgrade ~ Card 18 ~ 5 sets ~ Body Armour/Endurance

Holy this workout was time-consuming! And hard!
All nine exercises were ‘to failure’ and I did all 5 sets! I have much soreness in my upper body, especially my shoulders 😛
I finished with 200 points towards Body Armour & 600 points towards Endurance.

Card 28 ~ 7 sets/Balance & Flexibiltiy

This card was a last-minute addition because of how sore I was starting to get and I finished with 400 points towards Flexibility.

Did a 6 km run with Hulkhands again this morning. He is getting faster and running for longer periods of time, already a huge improvement from when he started about 4/5 weeks ago. The next time we run we’ll be changing up the route so we can get some variety going on 🙂

Jump Rope Challenge D3 ~ 2min skips non-stop ✓

I didn’t whack my feet at all for this so that’s already an improvement hahaha
And unbeknownst to me when I decided to pick this challenge it’s actually going to be a good work out for my ankles too!

Ab Advanced Challenge D3 ~ 140 sit-ups + 140 sitting twists + 70 leg raises ✔

Again, sit-ups all in one shot. I will probably only make it to the end of the first week doing sit-ups all in one go as I have never done more than 200 reps in a set before. I guess it will be an opportunity to surprise myself!
I split the sitting twists into two sets of 70reps and split the leg raises into two sets of 35reps. The leg raises reps are going the most difficult part of this challenge.

Boxer Challenge D3 ~ 400 punches ☑

Two sets of 200 punches to get this done rather quickly today.

Because I am clearly a sucker for personally punishing myself….

On top of leg day (oh my goodness my legs are so sore!!) I decided to do three cards from Avatar Upgrade ~ Card 10 (7 sets), Card 25 (5 sets), & Card 30 (5 sets) — today as well.

I finished with 400 points towards Speed, 300 points towards Body Armour, & 200 points towards Combat.

Part of the reason I am stacking so many cards is because I would like to give a fitness experiment a try from Darebee. 300 push-ups & 300 bicep curls a day for 10 days and I kind of need to have this program done and out-of-the-way before I can start that one. Doing that many push-ups & curls a day is going to be time-consuming so I obviously don’t have time to carry with a program at the same time.

Finished everything off with a 10km run, just tacking more distance onto on the of the ‘main runs’ I’ve been doing the last few weeks. Still felt good at this distance, only had one small side stitch at about 4km or so but it didn’t last long thankfully. I’ll just keep slowly adding on city blocks to add more distance each time I do a longer run, it keeps it interesting and gives me an even better idea of km distances in my general neighbourhood. I’ve only been running small parts of the Greenway Trail lately, partly because sections are closed off from how high the creek is from run-off and the other part is just not wanting to run it because of my last s*****y experience on it. The section I am frequenting fairly often is actually part of the course for the half-marathon I am doing so that is why I include it so often.


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