Jump Rope, Ab, & Boxer Challenges ~ Day 1 + Avatar Upgrade C7

Jump Rope Challenge D1 ~ 1min skips + 1min rest/3 sets ✓

I’d say this was easy-ish, but I am definitely out of practice with jumping rope.

Ab Advanced Challenge D1 ~ 80 sit-ups + 80 sitting twists + 40 leg raises ✔

I’ve had great progress with my core exercises so just wanting to keep that momentum going 😀

Boxer Challenge D1 ~ 1min high knees + 1min rest ☑

Very glad I put such a focus on HIIT for the first few months of the year so this was definitely not difficult for me but it will get more tough as the challenge goes on.

Avatar Upgrade ~ Card 7 ~ 4 sets for 100 points towards Body Armour

I thought about my doing one last set for the extra 100 points but I just couldn’t make my legs do it! Plus, I really didn’t want to do one last set of butt-ups, they are no joke *phew*

No running for me today, I’ll be going out tomorrow at least once, maybe twice. It was shoulder and lat day I was able to up reps for most of my exercises. It feels really awesome to be able to do that almost every single week!


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