Boxing Week ~ Day 7 ~ DONE + new challenges picked for May!

Boxing Week ~ Day 7 ~ Fight Night Workout

I had a lot of fun with this last workout!!
I was lucky it was so nice out by the time I got my butt in gear this morning, so I could do this workout on my punching bag outside.

I decided to do all seven sets after I got to five sets as by that point another six minutes didn’t seem like that much time so why the heck not!
My kiddo even stuck around for the first few sets and did his best to do them with me before he distracted by bubbles & the water guns 😛

Wrapped up my working out with a 9.6km run.
I planned my route just perfectly and only hit one red light so I didn’t have to do more than one short stop. I’ll be able to slowly add-on more distance to this route without adding many lights/intersections and I keep myself from overlapping as well *thumbs up*

I’ve picked my challenges for the month of May too.

And they are:

Jump Rope 30-Day Challenge ~ a quick way to do a little cardio everyday and get my shoulders used to it completely
Ab Advanced 30-Day Challenge ~ I couldn’t help myself!
Boxer 30-Day Challenge ~ actually month of May challenge on Darebee

I start all three of these tomorrow!
Plus, I will continue with Avatar Upgrade, my regular muscle group weight lifting, and my running.
The plan is to finish Avatar by the end of the month so for the month of June I can start Age of Pandora 😀 And hopefully with Hulkhands!

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