30-Day Kpop Challenge ~ Days 17 to 29

I have just been adding to this post every day and then forgetting to post it….. So it’s definitely a long one! Only one day left before I move to the next challenge 😀

Day 17 ~ a Kpop idol you wish was your older sister

Probably Jessi 🙂

I love her personality and attitude!

Day 18 ~ a Kpop idol you wish was your younger brother

Jackson from GOT7 or Jungkook from BTS/

Both are very goofy and random and honestly remind me of one or more of my actual younger brothers 😛

Day 19 ~ A Kpop idol you wish was your younger sister

Probably Amber from f(x). She would always keep me entertained!

Day 20 ~ Favourite pictures of your favourite Kpop guys groups

I don’t really have fave pics, as it kind of always changes… but here’s a few




Day 21 ~ Favourite pictures of your favourite Kpop girl groups



Day 22 ~ Most underrated Kpop artist/group/member

NU’EST or BEAST/B2ST are my picks probably because I really haven’t seen/heard much from them for a while now.

Day 23 ~ Favourite cover by Kpop artist of an English song

Fools by Troye Sivan Cover by Jungkook & NamJoon. I love this song, both the original and the cover!

Day 24 ~ A Kpop song you never get tired of listening to

Pretty much anything by BTS 😛 I never get sick of it!

Day 25 ~ Best Kpop song for dancing to

Literally any Kpop song that isn’t a slow song!

Day 26 ~ Favourite hairstyle on Kpop guy biases



Day 27 ~ Favourite hairstyle on Kpop girl biases


CUZ3Jx8UAAEp8VM.jpg large

Day 28 ~ Favourite Kpop “bromances”

JiKook or VMin from BTS. And Jackson with basically anyone he comes into contact with hahaha

Day 29 ~ A Kpop artist that you look up to

I suppose it would be G-Dragon because of his song writing ability, which is something that I really admire.

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