Flexibility & Ab Challenges ~ Day 28 + Boxing Week ~ Day 5 + Avatar Upgrade C15

Flexibility Challenge D28 ~ 25 bridges/4 sets ✓

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D28 ~ 40 sit-ups + 60 flutter kicks + 1min elbow plank ✔

Boxing Week ~ Day 5 ~ Boxer Flexibility Workout

I zipped through everything pretty quickly this morning. Very glad for the ‘rest day’ for the Ab Challenge as yesterday killed my core. It’s pretty sore today!

I was able to do 5 sets for the Boxing Week workout and all in one go for EC and some energy to spare soo… *happy dancing*

Day 30 for both challenges tomorrow!!!!

I got out for a run this afternoon and did 8.7km

I thought I would try for further but my hamstrings are so incredibly tight that it was just starting to hurt with each step. I’ll be hopping on the foam roller again in a little bit to alleviate some of the muscle tightness.

Also, I decided to do an Avatar Upgrade card kind of after my run and before dinner because apparently I still had energy to spare *rolls eyes* I’m feeling pretty bagged as I type this out

*-_- zzzzzzz*

I picked Card 15 and did all 7 sets for 200 points towards Body Armour and 400 points towards Combat 😀


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