Flexibility & Ab Challenges ~ Day 24 + Boxing Week ~ Day 1

Flexibility Challenge D24 ~ 20 bridges/5 sets ✓

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D24 ~ 40 sit-ups + 60 flutter kicks + 1min elbow plank ✔

So very grateful for a rest day for the Ab Challenge as my core is incredibly sore today.

Boxing Week ~ Day 1 ~ Boxer Speed Workout

I tried to do all 5 sets in one go for the EC but I only got through 3 sets before I needed to take a rest.
My shoulders just refused to continue on through 6 more non-stop minutes, those 15 sec push-ups at the start of each minute were killer! When I do this drill again I will try for the EC once more as I really think I will be able to do it!

This Boxing Week workout was a great warm-up before I jumped into my fairly quick shoulder & lat workout. I was able to up my reps for everything today! No upped weight yet though as my shoulders are a typically problem area for me and I want to make sure that I don’t hurt them.

Looking forward to Day 2 for Boxing Week!


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