Flexibility & Ab Challenges ~ Day 23 + Avatar Upgrade C2, C12, & C27

I had this almost all typed up yesterday and then I got distracted by a book 😛
So posting now!

Flexibility Challenge D23 ~ 140 side lunges + 3min side splits ✓

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D23 ~ 135 sit-ups + 400 flutter kicks + 2min elbow planks/3 sets ✔

Each sit-up set was all in one go. I split the flutter kicks in half so I did 6 sets of 200 reps. The last two sets were hard and I had to grab some tunes to help take my mind of the core burn. I was good with the elbow planks until the last set and by then I was shaking like a bowl of jello ~

Avatar Upgrade Card 2 ~ 5 sets; Card 12 ~ 7 sets; Card 27 ~ 5 sets

I drew an ab card (C2) yesterday so I decided to replace my regular core workout for the day. The Ab Challenge was already going to be a bit tough and I didn’t want to be immobile with soreness today either.

Also, I picked two more cards, Balance & Flexibility (C12) & Speed (C27), to get done too.
Boxing Week starts today and goes to the 30th so I will possibly not do any Avatar Cards until after I finish that up.
Of course, it will totally depend on what each workout is like and I need to make sure I get my running in as well.

Super stoked for Boxing Week!!

Will post later today once I finish up the first day workout and my challenges 😀


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