Flexibility & Ab Challenges ~ Day 22 + Avatar Upgrade C29

Flexibility Challenge D22 ~ 140 side lunges + 2m50s side splits ✓

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D22 ~ 130 sit-ups + 380 flutter kicks + 3m40s elbow plank ✔

The sit-ups all in one go still pretty easy for me.
The second set of flutter kicks (190reps x2) got tough about halfway through but I was able to push through and finish it.

The plank is just difficult and all kinds of soreness…. my core was past feeling on fire and real close to cramping up, not awesome! Very glad it’s three sets of 2min planks tomorrow, that will seem easy compared to todays time 😛

Avatar Upgrade Card 29 ~ 7 sets

I only thought I would get the five sets done this morning but I was still going after five so decided to just do the seven sets. It was very obvious as I was doing these combos that I’ve definitely gotten way more comfortable with my kicks. Plus, my balance was perfect too!

I finished with 600 points towards Endurance attribute and 400 points towards Combat attribute for this program.


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