Flexibility & Ab Challenges ~ Day 21 + Avatar Upgrade C20 & C26

Flexibility Challenge D21 ~ 140 side lunges + 2m40s side splits ✓

Side lunges I am splitting into two sets and the all one go with the side splits obviously. I may use a knee brace(s) from 3min and up for the extra support on the inside of my knees as they are starting to hurt a bit.

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D21 ~ 125 sit-ups + 360 flutter kicks + 3m20s elbow plank ✔

I know I will be able to do the sit-ups all in one set straight to the end of the challenge because I can do 200 reps already and this challenge ends with sit-ups only at 160 reps. I am trying to only split the flutter kicks into two sets or try to do them all in one go.
The plank is definitely tough and I am looking forward to being able to hold a plank position for five minutes by the end of this challenge!!

Avatar Upgrade Card 20 ~ 7 sets & Card 26 ~ 7 sets and ++: 40 pull-ups in total (12reps/8reps/7reps/7reps/6reps)

As I really don’t have much else going on exercise-wise today I decided to do two cards for this program if I pulled out a flexibility one as one of my two picks.
And that is what happened so two cards it is today!!

Finished with 400 points towards Flexibility attribute and 200 points towards Body Armour and another 400 points towards Combat 😀

Combat combos are always so much fun!!!

Got out for another run this morning and did just over 7km. I could have gone further but I just didn’t plan my route well enough and I don’t like to overlap areas I’ve already done in a run either so next time I’ll make sure to leave a longer option available *thumbs up*


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