Flexibility & Ab Challenge ~ Days 17 & 18 + Avatar Upgrade C8 & C22

Flexibility Challenge D17 ~ 120 side lunges + 2m10s side splits ✓

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D17 ~ 110 sit-ups + 300 flutter kicks + 3min elbow plank ✔

Man that 3min elbow plank was super tough and tomorrows will be too as another ten seconds gets added on! It doesn’t seem like much until you are actually doing it and then it seems like forever!!!

Avatar Upgrade Card 8 ~ 7 sets

Another Flexibility day for this card and ended with 400 points towards my Flexibility attribute on my Avatar πŸ˜€

Yesterday was a core and light cardio day.
Went for a short 3km run with Hulkhands as running is still new to him and therefore knocked off some light cardio for myself!

Flexibility Challenge D18 ~ 120 side lunges + 2m20s side splits ✓

I’m able to do 60 side lunges in one go now. This isn’t something that I could have done before I started this challenge.
Splits are going well too. The toughest part is actually get out of the split position when the time is over πŸ˜›

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D18 ~ 115 sit-ups + 320 flutter kicks + 3m10s elbow plank ✔

Sit-ups still all in on go, I split the flutter kicks into two sets, and the plank was obviously done all in on go… and it wasn’t super fun at all. Three minutes and up is going to be difficult for me.

to failure push-ups/3 sets ~ 36 reps/24 reps/20 reps

Avatar Upgrade Card 22 ~ 5 sets

I finished this card with 600 points towards my Speed attribute. I thought I might try for 7 sets but those two combos were kind brutal. Especially that push-up + jump squat + push-up one, just wow ~ ~
I’ll have todays post up once I get finished my workouts for the day!


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