Kpop 30-Day Challenge ~ Days 8 to 14

Day 8 ~ Favourite Kpop song by bias girl group

Day 9 ~ A Kpop song that makes you cry/sad

I don’t think I have come across a song that makes me sad or cry at this point. But I also don’t understand Korean well enough to really appreciate all the lyrics either so I may find one day!

Day 10 ~ A Kpop song that makes you smile/happy

This is close to every song that I have on my iPod. Most of them are just so fun so it’s close to impossible not to get pumped up and smirking when listening to them.

Day 11 ~ Favourite Kpop dance

Right now this is Daddy by PSY (Feat. CL) It’s just so fun πŸ˜›

BTS’ War of Hormone(호λ₯΄λͺ¬μ „μŸ) is a favourite

and, of course, Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG

Day 12 ~ Favourite Kpop video by both your girl and guy bias groups

It’s either Danger by BTS

or I NEED U by BTS ~ they are both so good!

Warm Hole by Brown Eyed Girls ~ holy innuendo hahaha I love it!

Day 13 ~ Favourite Kpop video of all time

Hmmmm…..I don’t have one as it is always changing as my favourite artists/groups release new music videos!

Day 14 ~ First Kpop song you heard

Breathe by GDRAGON

Followed very closely by Lies by BIGBANG

And then my journey into the world of Kpop officially began!!


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