Flexibility & Ab Challenge ~ Day 14 + Avatar Upgrade C6

Flexibility Challenge D14 ~ 100 side lunges + 1m40s side splits ✓

Easy, got this done and out-of-the-way very quickly.

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D14 ~ 100 sit-ups + 260 flutter kicks + 2m40s elbow plank ✔

Oh my goodness the elbow plank for this is getting hard. I can do five minutes easily if I am rotating through equal timed variations non-stop, but just one stationary plank is definitely not simple! Music isn’t helping me out anymore so I think I will switch to watching a YouTube video(s) for when I need to do them now as that seemed to work out all right for it this morning.

Avatar Upgrade Card 6 ~ 5 sets for 100 points towards Body Armour & 200 points (because of x2) towards Combat Also, I did the “++” for this card which was a total of 20 pull-ups.

I thought that I would try to do the 7 sets for maximum points, but I got two sets in and was like “that totally isn’t going to happen!

That last combo ended up being waaaayyy tougher on me than I thought it would be, but it was a lot of fun regardless 😀


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