Flexibility & Ab Challenge ~ Day 6 & 7

Flexibility Challenge D6 ~ 60 side lunges + 50 sec side splits ✓

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge ~ 70 sit-ups + 140 flutter kicks + 2min elbow plank ✔

Yesterday was another core day combined with arms.
And it was a fantastic workout, though a bit longer than I would have liked.
Without my added challenges I think it would be the perfect length!!

Flexibility Challenge D7 ~ 60 side lunges + 55 sec side splits ✓

Got through the side lunges very quickly this morning. I am surprised at how quickly they have become comfortable for me, it’s nice!
My side splits are getting low as well. I didn’t notice how low I was able to get until I took a look in the mirror about halfway through my time and I was pleasantly surprised!

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D7 ~ 75 sit-ups + 160 flutter kicks + 1min elbow planks/3 sets ✔

Holy I am sore from my workout yesterday (core & arms) so this challenge was more difficult than I anticipated because of that 😛
I still got it finished up quickly despite my overall soreness!


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