Flexibility & Ab Challenges ~ Day 5

Flexibility Challenge D5 ~ 60 side lunges + 45 sec side split ✓

Side lunges are not nearly as awkward as they used to be for me, and the fact that my balance isn’t nearly as bad as a few months before has helped with too.

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D5 ~ 65 sit-ups + 120 flutter kicks + 1min40sec elbow plank ✔

This challenge isn’t that hard for me yet, but next week looks like it will be a different story.
I am really looking forward to it!!

It’s leg day and I am again very glad with what I put together for this workout.
All the exercises complimented each other nicely and it was the right amount of difficult too!

I’ll spend some time using my foam roller this afternoon so I won’t be all that sore tomorrow hopefully *fingers crossed*


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