Flexibility & Ab Challenge ~ Day 2 & 3 + Tolasana Challenge

Flexibility Challenge D2 ~ 40 side lunges + 35 secs side splits ✓

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D2 ~ 50 sit-ups + 80 flutter kicks + 1min20sec elbow plank ✔

Yesterday was a core focused day with some lighter cardio, jumping jacks, high knees, and a fast paced walk.
I went for a run yesterday and didn’t want to overwork my still sore hip so it gets better faster.
But I still went for a 2.5 km walk because the continuous, less jarring movement has actually been helping with it, keeps everything loosey-goosey ~ ~ ~

Flexibility Challenge D3 ~ 40 side lunges + 40 sec side splits ✓

Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D3 ~ 60 sit-ups + 100 flutter kicks + 1 min elbow plank/3 sets ✔

Today is lats. & shoulders and I am already foreseeing plenty of soreness is my immediate future hahaha Definitely a great workout despite that and I’m very happy with what I put together. I’m looking forward to how I’ll progress over the month!

Darebee Tolasana Challenge ~ hold the pose for as long as possible ~ I only made it just over a minute, but it was better than I thought I would do!


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