Flexibility & Ab 30 Day Challenges ~ Day 1

It was tough to pick just these two because the April challenge looks so fun and I love push-ups, but it really doesn’t complement what I want to do program-wise for this month. I do have the challenge on my computer so I can certainly always change my mind πŸ˜›
But I want to give the new lifting program a shot first before I start changing things up already!

So the challenges for this month, which are both areas that need work, are:

Flexibility Challenge D1 ~ 40 side lunges + 30 sec side split ✓

I really don’t want to have anything hurting in my hip or thigh areas while running so this is why I chose this challenge. And being able to do the splits is also a personal goal so it has two things that it will aid me.


Ab Lvl 2 Challenge D1 ~ 40 sit-ups + 60 flutter kicks + 1 min plank ✔

And I decided to do this one as well because I noticed last week that my back was really starting to hurt. It’s been back pain that I haven’t felt in a few years kind of hurt.

Part of the antecedent to this is definitely all the yard work that I’ve done as the weather gets nicer, but part of it is also that I am running longer distances and I haven’t had an intensive core workout going on for the last month either like I have in the past.
Partially because of time in my day and because the previous programs I was doing just didn’t have enough focus on it.

I think that over the course of this month I just really want to focus on areas that I am struggling with fitness-wise so I don’t have to worry about an injuries and have a more regular running schedule as well *thumbs up*

Outdoor run ~ 8.2 km πŸ˜€
Beautiful day and I didn’t have to dodge any unleashed dogs at any point either!


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