30 Days of HIIT & Gravity ~ Day 29

30 Days of HIIT Adv. Day 29 ~ Level 2/7 sets ✓

Burpees ❤ !!!

30 Days of Gravity Day 29 ~ 4 minutes each/60 secs rest between ✔

I chose to do a less than 60 secs rest for most of the ‘between exercises’. It made it a touch more challenging and I kind of enjoyed it.

Only one day left for these programs!

I decided to work through my weight lifting program next month and not a pre-set one through Darebee for the month of April.

I’ve done one (or two) programs a month since 2016 started so I just don’t want to get bored with doing them as I have had the inkling of that happening with the end of these programs. And I want to make sure that I don’t want to lose any muscle while I am running the longer distances as I don’t plan on running a half marathon more than the once in September.

So, I don’t want to the lose the progression muscle-wise that I’ve gained over the last few months for only one race. Hopefully I can find a good middle ground!

I will still be doing at least one (likely two) challenges from Darebee, just not completely decided yet and I need to wait until tomorrow evening to see what April’s monthly challenge will be as well 🙂


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