30 Days of HIIT & Gravity ~ Day 27

I thought I’d actually hit the ‘publish’ on this post early this afternoon but (obviously) I didn’t so doing it now!

30 Days of HIIT Adv. Day 27 ~ Level 2/7 sets ✓

~ rotated squats and planks holds

30 Days of Gravity Day 27 ~ all levels 4 sets ~ core work Pt. 1 ✔

Pt. 2 ~ full plank ~ Level 2/4 minutes

The toughest part of this wasn’t a shakey core or even my shoulders getting tired, it is my wrists. Full planks are so hard on my wrists!
It isn’t as bad as it was a month or so ago because I’ve gotten my Glucosamine intake back up to normal again. But it still is very uncomfortable and difficult to bend them the opposite direction after I finished.

Kick Master Challenge D27 ~ 100 double turning kicks *low/mid height* ✅


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