30 Days of HIIT & Gravity ~ Day 26

30 Days of HIIT Adv. Day 26 ~ Level 2/7 sets ✓

** one side-to-side lunge every 20 seconds

Because each exercise in each set was actually 30 seconds long and not 20 seconds long this was pretty awkward to be honest despite the transitions not being that difficult themselves. It was awkward in that it was so tough to keep track of how long I did each exercise then and I am pretty sure I did way more for each move than I needed to do because of this part of the program.

30 Days of Gravity Day 26 ~ all levels 5 sets for Pt.1 ✔

** optional mod of 20 alternating bicep curls to replace back fists, used 20 lbs again. This actually felt easier than I thought it would be today. Might give 25 lbs a shot for the last day like this one for the program in a couple of days.

Pt. 2 ~ to failure push-ups/3 sets/set duration is rest duration

1st set ~ 37 reps, 49 secs
Rest ~ 49 secs
2nd set ~ 15 reps, 28 secs
Rest ~ 28 secs
3rd set ~ 10 reps, 16 secs

I had no rep gains for my first set again…… *disappointed face here* It seems I am kind of stuck at 37 reps for push-ups for the moment
I did have rep gains for my second and third sets so I know I am still progressing just not as fast as I would like…I suppose…

Kick Master Challenge D26 ~ 160 turning kicks + 160 side kicks ✅


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