30 Days of HIIT & Gravity ~ Day 23

30 Days of 30 HIIT Adv. Day 23 ~ Level 2/7 sets ✓

I am not a huge fan of days filled with punches for these programs because they kind of get boring… I guess?

Plus, you need to stay super focused on not losing form the further you get into your sets, which means my preferred area for these workouts requires a mirror.
And honestly I don’t want to ‘think’ that much about my exercises. This is not to say I don’t pay attention to my form for any other exercises/workouts, it’s just that for most others I don’t need to as it is automatic even when my body is getting tired.

So, off that tangent…….. it was a decent morning for the programs today, just not the fun-est!

30 Days of Gravity Day 23 ~ all levels 5 sets for Pt. 1 ✔

~ Again, I did the **optional mod. of 20 alternating bicep curls instead of 40 back fists. Used 20 lbs.

Pt. 2 ~ to failure push-ups/3 sets/

*set duration is the rest time before the next set

1st set ~ 37 reps, 50 secs
Rest ~ 50 secs
2nd set ~ 12 reps, 20 secs
Rest ~ 20 secs
3rd set ~ 7 reps, 13 secs

No extra reps today…. I am a little disappointed but I’ll do better next time!

Kick Master Challenge D23 ~ 20 slow side kicks + 20 fast side kicks/3 sets ✅


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