Disney 30-Day Challenge ~ Days 14 to 19

Day 14 ~ Your favourite kiss

I honestly don’t have one.
But, if I have to give an answer then the kiss in Sleeping Beauty.

Day 15 ~ The first movie you saw

I don’t know if this is correct or not because I was so young but The Little Mermaid. It came out in 1989 and I saw it in theatre, I was 3 years old!

Day 16 ~ Your favourite classic

Sleeping Beauty

Day 17 ~ Your least favourite classic

I don’t even think that my son has seen this one as I do not own it in any form.

Day 18 ~ Your favourite Pixar film

Probably Finding Nemo.

But I kind of need to mention The Good Dinosaur too because ‘sneaky’ cowboy t-rexs is one the best things I have seen this year already 😛 hahaha

Day 19 ~ Your least favourite Pixar film

The Incredibles.

This was actually a longer movie than I thought it would be and the previews leading up to its release made it out to be way funnier than it actually was.


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