30 Days of HIIT & Gravity ~ Day 17

30 Days of HIIT Adv. Day 17 ~ Level 2/7 sets ✓

Didn’t seem as exhausting on paper as it turned out to be in reality *phew*

30 Days of Gravity Day 17 ~ all levels 4 sets for pt. 1 ✔

Pt. 2 ~ Full plank ~ Lvl 2/3 minutes

Pull-Up Challenge D17 ~ supposed to be 16 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps today but…. ✅

I had a shooting pain around my elbow after my first set (of 15 reps) this morning so I don’t think I will be continuing with it for the rest of the month. I can’t continue with this when I know that I will very likely end up injured. There almost needs to be a level 3 challenge from 15 reps to 20 reps because I definitely need more than 3-4 days to increase my reps when the first week of reps was already super hard!! Perhaps for a guy this rep increase is sort of realistic but for a woman maybe not so much. I’ll continue to work at this but in a more moderated way 🙂

I will be making this challenge (Kick Master) my ‘official’ one for March now. I’ve been working through this one since the beginning of the month just not tracking/checking it in here and doing 2 or 3 days at once, hasn’t been daily. Guess it will be now!! It’s been really helping with my balance and overall leg strength/endurance, which is pretty important for how far I am running these days!

Shorter 6.2 km run this afternoon as it was super sunny out!
This was just a “fun” run so that’s why it isn’t over 7 km, I just took my time and enjoyed my time outside. And I still don’t have any blisters at the moment which is actually rather surprising!


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