30 Days of HIIT & Gravity ~ Day 12

30 Days of HIIT Adv. Day 12 ~ Set 1=Lvl 1 (20 secs each), Set 2=Lvl 2 (30 secs each), Set 3=Lvl 3 (40 secs each) ✓

**30 sec jog on spot after each exercise, as active recovery

Holy smokes the last set for this was so stinkin’ difficult!! *insert stupid amount of panting, huffing, & puffing here*
I did great for the first two sets, I would start to get a bit out of breath and then have my 30 secs of recovery and get it back under control.
But, that last set was a ‘just push through it and I hope I don’t collapse before it’s complete’ mentality for sure.

This is why I am only doing it on Level 2 because Level 3 would most definitely be too tough for me.

Ah, anyway I finished it up and took plenty of time peeling myself off the floor after my last burpee at the end of the last set 😛

30 Days of Gravity Day 12 ~ Level 3/1 minute each move/repeat once ✔

Throwing in balance exercises/stretching a few times a week since I did Hero’s Journey has totally paid off. I wasn’t wobbling around like a broken flamingo in the slightest *fist pump* Just over a month ago my balance was seriously lacking so super glad to see such an improvement already!

Pull-Up Challenge D12 ~ 20 sit-ups/4 sets, twice a day ✅


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