30 Days of HIIT & Gravity ~ Days 9 & 10 * Yoga Week Complete!

30 Days of HIIT Adv. Day 9 ~ Level 2/7 sets/non-stop, no rest ✓

Them jump squats definitely made this more difficult than I thought it would be!

30 Days of Gravity Day 9 ~ all levels, 4 sets for Pt. 1 ✔

Pt. 2 ~ full plank ~ 2 minutes 30 seconds

Yoga Week Day 7 ~ Dynamic Plank Yoga Workout
Last workout for this week event at Darebee and I really enjoyed it! All the workouts were fantastic and I’ll likely do several of them on a regular basis too *thumbs up*

I ran home from the school yesterday morning and it was so, so cold!!!! I wanted to give up at 5.5 km but I pushed to 7.8 km because I’d set a personal minimum goal of 7.5 km for each of my regular runs.
I really dislike running in the cold, it’s just awful… like torture… Spring needs to hurry up and just get here and stay!!

30 Days of HIIT Adv. Day 10 ~ Level 2/7 sets ✓

This was just quick and fun to be honest for me this morning 🙂

30 Days of Gravity Day 10 ~ ✔

Pull-Up Challenge D9 ~ 14 reps, 8 reps, 2 reps ✅

14 reps is still not even remotely easy for me…. This increase is so quick!

Pull-Up Challenge D10 ~ 25 sit-ups/3 sets, twice a day ✅

Tomorrow is 15 reps *sigh* wish me luck, it’s going to be super tough!


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