30 Days of HIIT & Gravity ~ Day 2

HIIT Day 2 ~ Level 2/7 sets ✓

Gravity Day 2 ~ all levels/3 sets ✔

*optional mod ~ replace back fists with alternate bicep curls ~ mmhmmm! used 20 lbs

I really liked the idea of using the time you took to do your previous set as your total rest time before the next set in the ‘to failure push-ups’ today. It made it super tough!!! And I think in two weeks time I will definitely see some great progress!!

Pull-Up Challenge D2 ~ 20 sit-ups/3 sets ~ twice today ☑

This wasn’t that difficult for me at all today so looking forward to tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day out so I made sure to get outside for a run. I haven’t been out for one in about a week… the weather was perfect and then it got rainy and even snowy yesterday *boo!* and quite frankly now that I’ve had a taste of running outdoors again, and it’s turning into spring *smirk smirk*, I couldn’t bring myself to go running at the indoor track.

It totally served its purpose over the really cold, winter-y months because my dislike of running in the freezing cold ick and snow outweighed my dislike for running around in monotonous circles. And now that it isn’t like that here I don’t think I will be doing much running indoors anymore, unless it is pouring out or I really want to focus on my speed. Plus, running outdoors just feels way better physically, I don’t get blisters, my ankles get a better workout, and it’s easier to push myself when I am constantly seeing something new!

On a more serious note about training I will be running a minimum of 7.5 km on regular runs and upping the min distance every two weeks. Obviously the only exception is my increased long distance runs as they will be well above that km amount!! I need for 8-10 km to feel super comfortable and the only way that is going to happen is if I am doing it often. My body is really struggling to get over 11.5 km so this is plan to get my body better accustomed to that distance 😀


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