30 Days of HIIT & Gravity ~ Day 1

A new month means new fitness programs and challenges 😀

Day 1 HIIT Advanced ~ Level 2/7 sets

I am not sure what level I will try to complete this program on, more than likely it will be Level 2. That is what I am going to push for at the beginning, but it’s not set in stone, Level 3 could happen on occasion too.

Day 1 Gravity ~ Level 2/80 reps each exercises
In this program I’m doing Level 2 for sure from start to finish.

And finally, the monthly fitness challenge!
I decided to do Pull-up Challenge Lvl 2 as I can now do over 10 reps consistently and this will be a good way to get to my goal of 20 reps! Plus, at almost this time last year I did the Lvl 1 Pull-Up Challenge so it’s fitting that I start this one now.

The monthly challenge for March on Darebee would have been too easy for me and I definitely don’t want to be bored while I am working out or doing it simply because it needs to get done for the day. I want to enjoy myself but also feel like I am working to a desired end goal too.

Between the last days for my previous two programs and doing yard work yesterday my legs are incredibly sore.
I’ve been using my foam roller often throughout the day so it isn’t as bad as it was to begin with thankfully! I am so glad I made using it a habit again 🙂


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