Writing 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 30

Day 30 ~ What do you think of someone who has bad manners?

When I meet someone who has bad manners, or is just overall lacking in general courtesy, my impression of you will drop drastically. I believe manners are so important and being rude or inconsiderate is completely uncalled for in almost all situations. The only time I will drop the use of manners or lessen them to a degree is if someone is rude/inconsiderate to me first.

Actually this reminds of a little girl at the grocery store about a week or so ago now.
We were about to move through the end of an aisle and we let her and her mom, who pushing a stroller and holding a baby, pass by us before we moved through the aisle opening. The little girl as she passed by gave me clear eye contact and said “thank you” with this huge smile on her face.

I was beyond impressed and delighted that I was able to say “you’re welcome” to not just another person but a little girl who couldn’t have been older than five years old!! Kudos to her parents for teaching her to use her manners because that is where you learn that kind of stuff, from your parents, and it’s so important! Why wouldn’t you want your children to learn and know how to be kind to others?! Teaching manners does this!

Honestly, I could probably count on one hand how often I hear “you’re welcome”, “thank you”, “excuse me” etc. from adults within a month!!
Being polite isn’t something that people consider important anymore. Because of that it’s really no surprise why the whole ‘me and my time is more important than anyone elses‘ mentality is so prevalent among not only the middle-aged, but also among young adults/teens too.

This is the last day for this challenge!! Tomorrow I start the Disney 30-Day Challenge so that will be fun and likely a touch nostalgic too 😀


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