Hero’s Journey ~ Day 60 !!!

It’s the last day so that means….

Day 60 ~ Boss Fight! ~ Hero’s Journey

I thought I might be able to do the full ten sets but finishing the ninth was no easy task that was for certain. I am glad I as able to get to at least nine sets because that means I beat the boss!!! *happy dance*

So many jump squats by the end of all the sets!!

This program went back and forth between moving by super quickly to seeming like it would never end some weeks, usually when I was incredibly sore 😛

Total Abs D30 ~ Level 3/60 secs each position/once through, no rest ✅

1. full plank
2. elbow plank
3. raised leg planks (half time each side)
4. side planks (half time each side)
5. full plank
6. elbow plank

My abs were so sore after finishing this plank circuit and the rest of my body was a quivering mess! I am just achy all over from the last few days, they were definitely tough.

Meditation Challenge D30 ~ 20 minutes ✔

The next two programs I am starting are 30 Days of HIIT Advanced & 30 Days of Gravity. I think I will do the monthly challenge for March, I am leaning towards it, but I may also do the Pull-ups Lvl 2 Challenge. I will decide for sure tomorrow!


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