Hero’s Journey ~ Day 59

Day 59 ~ Strip the boss of his bodyguard ~ Hero’s Journey

I thought this workout would be tougher than it was, because of the jump squats (we are not friends..), but I was mistaken!

When I started having to do them in this program (about 6 weeks ago now) I definitely sucked at them and they physically took a toll on me really darn fast. I was lucky if I could get to ten reps, never-mind 20 reps, without my legs being a floppy, screaming mess!
Today when I had to do these, 20 reps at the end of each set and I had 7 sets, they were way easier 🙂
I love seeing very obvious self-improvements like this because not only does it makes me super happy but I can know for certain my hard work is paying off too!!

I added the body armour again today, ankle/wrist weights *thumbs up*

I did need to wrap my hands about half way through the sets and switch to my fists for the push-ups & taps because my wrists really starting to hurt a little. Not sure why that is happening, but doing the wraps and fists did the trick and I was able to finished without any more discomfort or pain.

Optional Subquest ~ 400 side kicks ~ done!

Total Abs D29 ~ Level 3/24 reps/7 sets ✅

Meditation Challenge D29 ~ OM Mantra + 15 minutes meditation ✔


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