Writing 30-Day Challenge Days 25 to 28

Day 25 ~ Should Birth Control Pills be available to teenage girls without a prescription?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

For many teenage girls taking a form of birth control aids their bodies hormones during puberty (and into the future for some) and helps get their cycles regulated and in turn reduces moodiness and cramp pain as well. Though regular daily exercises helps best for that last one!

Is this the only reason they want it? Of course not!

But, I can say from experience that simply because I was taking them as a teenager didn’t mean that I was prowling the peer pool to get my freak on.
In fact if anything it made me feel more in control of my body when it was totally out of whack and it created a sense of responsibility for it too.

Plus, if it was easier for teen girls to get BCP then we would likely see less teenage pregnancy occurring because there are ways for them to help prevent it. Not that I am advocating teens having sex, but realistically it happens so why not put some measures in place so they can be safe about it.

On another note with this, making it cheaper would be real helpful and awesome too.
When I was in my late teens I’d buy three months worth and it would cost just under ninety bucks!! Just a crazy amount of money in my opinion!

Day 26 ~ Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve

Hmmm…. I don’t know maybe being more encouraging…

I know I suck at it because it’s stuff that kind of goes without saying to me, but I also recognize that some people need to hear it.
Doesn’t mean I am any good at actually carrying it out though, this is incredibly awkward for me, especially in person.

I don’t need to hear things like that to know that I am doing a good job at something. So it doesn’t make much sense to me to say things that are already understood everyone as stating the obvious is redundant…

Day 27 ~ Should what you say on Facebook be grounds for getting fired?

I think if you are being a bully/purposefully targeting a certain someone or beaking off about your job AND you have your boss(es)/managers added as friends then, sure!
I’d say this should be common sense to not do this, but it certainly isn’t that common.
If you wouldn’t say it in your physical work place because you may lose your job then what difference should it make if you say it Facebook.

I never had any of my managers on my Facebook, not because I vented about work on there, but because there is a hierarchy in a work environment so we were not friends. They didn’t need to know anything about my life other than what pertained to work or what I chose to share with them.

Day 28 ~ How competitive are you?

I am pretty competitive, not so much like ‘I need to beat everyone’, but more against myself. And definitely against my brothers!
If they can do something I want to be able to do or something I find interesting I will try to do it just as good or better. I don’t think I have ever actually beaten any of them at anything yet though hahaha I guess it’s important that I still try 😛

I am mostly competitive with myself and I am constantly trying to do better and push myself past my previous goals.
I love to learn, and I hope that desire never wanes, and I love seeing what my body and mind are capable of handling.
The human body is a truly amazing machine!!


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