Hero’s Journey ~ Day 56 & 57

Day 56 in Hero’s Journey was the perfect companion to my long run this afternoon. Twice through a yoga sequence that felt wonderful on the hips and back!

Optional Subquest was 10 minutes of meditation which I opted to do as well.

I got out for an increased distance run yesterday afternoon on the Greenway and it was wonderful!!
I finished with 11.2 km, so I hit my minimum increase amount and my hip flexors weren’t too sore thankfully. My back is a bit stiff today though so that isn’t super fun. Lots of stretching and some A535 before bed for sure!!

Hero’s Journey for today was extremely exhausting for the first section. I think part of that was because I didn’t sleep well last night at all and it usually takes another day before I fully bounce back from a longer distanced run. Hopefully I can get some decent sleep tonight *fingers crossed*

The second part was the last Weapons’ Practice for this program. I picked pull-ups, free weights, sprints, kicks, and planks. I always looked forward to these days and it will be strange to not have them every few days any more. Though most the exercises I will do throughout the week it just won’t be in the same way.

Total Abs D26 ~ Action Planks ~ Level 3/20 reps/7 sets ✅

This was a great workout. Definitely tough and I sweated my face off!
– plank arm raises
– plank leg raises
– side plank rotations
– up & down planks

Total Abs D27 ~ Level 3/600 reps ~ Flutter Kicks ✅

Meditation Challenge ~ 1 minute Equal Breathing + 15 minutes meditation ✔

Meditation CHallenge ~ Backup & Restore Workout + 15 minutes meditation ✔


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