Writing 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 24

Day 24 ~ When should you be able to buy smokes, drink alcohol, vote, drive, & fight in wars?

So this is basically asking when should you be considered an adult….

The only three things that I think should be different from 18/19 years old is: drinking alcohol, voting, and driving.

The age you can go for your Learners (L) in Alberta is 14 years old and in BC it’s 16 years old. I am not certain of the rest of the provinces as I have only lived in those two.

I think 14 years old should be the age across the board for beginning the process of getting your license. At 14 most teens are still seeking approval from someone in authority and are more likely to listen to directions and/or advice from them. I can say that by the time I was 16 I didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do, I thought I had it all figured out. Plus, at 16 you’re already in high school and with how the Licensing Program is set up there is no way to get your full license before you have finished high school.

I don’t feel like this system sets kids up for success, because then it becomes something you need to ‘hurry up and do’ rather than learning good driving habits. Also, I think Driver’s Ed should be a required graduation credit as learning drive is considered so important and is a skill you need in adulthood at some point.

One of the reasons I feel so strongly about this is because my city is ranked as one of the worst cities in Canada for bad drivers.
And my city doesn’t even compare in size to a large metropolis like Vancouver or Toronto and yet we rank up there with those two cities. That is ridiculous and shows that the program is clearly not working the way that it should!!

I think the age to vote should come down to 16 years old as that is high school age and kids should start learning about it (riding’s, party campaigns, etc), why it is important to vote, and be able to go through the process for an election and/or referendum. I would have voted in high school if I was able to and more and more high school aged kids are getting involved in politics too.

For drinking alcohol in BC the age is 19 years old and in Alberta the age is 18 years old. The reason I think that the age should be lowered isn’t because I think teenagers should be drinking their faces off, I don’t think that at all. But, come on, if a teenager wants to get booze they will find a way to get it despite it being illegal.

With the lowering the age and/or putting some stipulations on it, it could help the drunk driving problem that again my city ranks number one across the country!
And this is people 19 years of age and older that are causing this problem.

With the age being only one year younger (18) in Alberta, I never came across someone within any of my friend circles that drove drunk or even considered it! The taxi service in my hometown was a flat rate of five bucks and you got where you needed to go safely.
I know far too people here since I became legal age (over a span of ten years) that have or think it is totally fine to drive drunk whether the drive is short or long.
Drunk driving isn’t treated like a bad thing here (or under the influence of anything really), it’s not only disgusting but extremely dangerous!!!

I don’t think the legal age should go under 18 years old realistically, but I think it should be alright for anyone 16 years old and up to drink alcohol. Not to buy though, so it allows for a safer drinking environment (drinking at family/friends BBQ, work get together, camping, etc) while having the chance to learn your drinking limit and hopefully some responsibility around it as well.


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