Hero’s Journey ~ Day 54

The exercises for today’s Hero’s Journey were interesting..

I didn’t dislike them, but I would have enjoyed my workout more if I actually had the space to do them freely. I kind of to do them in a loop around my kitchen and living room, so it was a touch awkward. At least, my kiddo wasn’t home yet so I didn’t need to worry about that extra obstacle 😛

The second part for today was literally being complete still and doing nothing for 20 minutes. Not an easy task for me, especially after I had a 3 hour meeting this morning!! I do not like being inactive at all!!!

Total Abs D24 ~ Level 3

An easier, lower back focused day, which felt darn good after doing a whole bunch of shoveling this afternoon.

Meditation Challenge D24 ~ 15 minutes meditation ✔

Only a handful of days left to everything *happy dance*


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