Writing 30-Day Challenge ~ Days 22 & 23

Day 22 ~ Do you think life exists somewhere besides Earth?

Yes, I do.
The Universe is massive so it would be completely silly if we were the only thing living in it!

Day 23 ~ Why aren’t there more women in leadership roles?

To be honest I don’t really like this question, not because I am female, but because I don’t think that it is true. I interact with women in leadership roles on an almost daily basis, this not the case with their male counterpart.

I think there are careers that have predominately more men in leadership roles, but there are plenty of careers that are held by a female majority as well.
10, 20, 30 years this was certainly an issue, but it isn’t anywhere near as bad as it was back then.

Women are typically not as cutthroat as men, especially in business roles, but again it is something that is slowly changing. There are even more men staying with the children than there was in the past.


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