Hero’s Journey ~ Day 52 & 53

It was an amazingly, beautiful day so I did some work around the yard(s) and ended up doing all my working out later in the afternoon.
I am not a fan of doing it that late in the day, but I am so glad that I got to spend time out in the sunshine and got some things done too šŸ˜€

Day 52 for Hero’s Journey was a simpler day with a focus on balance, stretching and rest. Definitely needed it before today, Day 53, which was plank heavy and another Weapons’ Practice.

I chose pull-ups, and I am consistently doing over ten reps a set now *fist pump*; free weights (curls/rows/press) and I was able to curl 35 lbs today, another gain for me; running; front snap kicks; and planks.

Total Abs D22 ~ Level 3/520 reps Flutter Kicks ✅

Total Abs D23 ~ Level 3/once through, no rest, hold each position for 40 seconds

The sequence: full plank, elbow plank, raised leg plank (half time each leg), side plank (half time each side), full plank, and elbow plank.

Meditation Challenge D22 ~ 1 minute Equal Breathing + 15 minutes ✔

Meditation Challenge D23 ~ Backup & Restore Workout + 15 minutes ✔


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