Writing 30-Day Challenges ~ Days 18 to 21

I shouldn’t have put these off for a few days…. Ooops!

Day 18 ~ Would you rather work from home or in an office?

Definitely work from an office. I was always good with separating home life and work life, but if they are paired then it makes it difficult to draw the line between the two. Plus, it is kind of a break from home life when you leave to go to work.

Day 19 ~ How many text messages are too many?

This is completely dependent on how often I talk with the person texting me or if a phone call would have been faster than the amount of texting that ends up occurring.

Day 20 ~ What is something you hate but wished you loved?


I have never had an affinity to water, I even learned how to swim at an older age because being in deep water scared me so much. I would wear ear plugs and goggles at all times when at the pool and to this day I still totally despise water in my ears and eyes. I am not a fan of pruney fingers or toes either.

Fitness-wise, swimming is really great so I wish there wasn’t so surrounding it that I disliked.

Day 21 ~ What is one thing you do to get motivated?

I usually put some good tunes on and start dancing around like a goofball.
Just get right into the music, so this works best with ear buds šŸ˜€


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