Hero’s Journey ~ Day 51

Day 51 of Hero’s Journey and I am nearing the end of what is my ‘second-third week’ in this program, if that makes sense.
Doesn’t matter what program or challenge I do the third week is always the hardest for me because I tend to be way less motivated to get it done! I always finish what I start so got all the combos/exercises done today of course!

I thought that I might push for Level 3 today but I definitely couldn’t muster enough energy to make that happen, so I stayed at Level 2 (7 sets) and I did not use the body armour (ankle/wrist weights) today either.
Without them I was already sweating my face off!!!

Plus, had 30 minutes of non-stop movement for the second half of HJ today too!!

Total Abs D21 ~ Lvl 3/7 sets wasn’t too hard, though it was still challenging to get through it this morning. I both love and hate butt ups 😛 The last bit of this program is going to be fairly tough for me, but I am resolved to finishing it on Level 3 *fist pump*

Meditation Challenge D21 ~ 15 minutes meditation + OM Mantra ✔


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