Hero’s Journey Day 49 & Day 50

Yesterday was so incredibly busy, I barely stopped going it seemed!!

It was heavy loaded day, in regards to exercises, for Hero’s Journey yesterday as it had two parts and one was Weapons’ Practice.
That always makes for a much longer workout as I tend to pick 3 to 5 exercises just for that part.
Yesterday I picked pull-ups (another personal best 🙂 ), curls/rows/press, running (38 laps/267m), kicks, and planks for that section.

My run was actually pretty tough.
I realized about 16 laps into it that I had my shoes tied too tightly and I had a blister forming slightly under the ball of my right foot. I quickly stopped and re-tired my shoes hoping that I had caught it in time but no such luck. It popped about 21-22 laps in and slowly began to form another one on top of the popped one, just awful…

Also, I noticed that when I run the track in a clockwise direction (the direction is rotated throughout the week e.g. sun-counter clockwise, mon-clockwise) that I overcompensate on my right leg when moving around a corner, like it’s slanted but it isn’t.
Not a good thing at all and caused some pretty awful pain in my right hip by the end of my run. Sucks that I had to figure this out in that way cause it bloody hurts, but now I can work at fixing it and be more conscious of it when I am running too.

Day 50 for Hero’s Journey was a shorter circuit of exercises that help with coordination and it’s honestly something I really need to work on. I will use this particular set of exercises at least once a week I think.

I opted to do the “Optional Sub-quest” too, which was 3,000 punches.

Total Abs D19 & D20 ~ Level 3 Day 19 was 7 sets of doubled up side-to-side chops and cross chops, I really felt this in my back the end of the day. And today’s was some lower back/stretching which felt so wonderful!!

Meditation Challenge D19 ~ Backup & Restore Workout + 10 minutes meditation ✔

Meditation Challenge D20 ~ 10 minutes meditation ✔

I actually fell asleep almost right after finishing this on the couch this afternoon. I rarely nap, but I was so physically tired from the last few days there was no fighting it.

I only have a week and a half left for all the programs/challenges I am working on *thumbs up* Looking forward to my next picks already 😀


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