Hero’s Journey ~ Day 48

Day 48 just a chill day with core work in Hero’s Journey. I decided to use the body armour again too (ankle weights).

I got all my program workouts finished first thing this morning as I started way earlier than I usually do. This means I got lots of other stuff done throughout the day, which was definitely nice. Being productive feels great ~ !! 😀

Total Abs D18 nearly kicked my a$$ and it was all planks, an exercise that I really enjoy. I think it had to do with how hard I was pushing my body so early this morning. It definitely isn’t used to that at all.

I am always in awe of how people can get up at the crack of dawn, or way before then, to do any kind of fitness. I am up early most days and I know I can’t do that, despite trying to make that a habit on more than one occasion. Half the time I feel like barfing or my performance isn’t even remotely close to my best effort so I stick with mid-morning times *smirk smirk*

Meditation Challenge D18 ~ 1 minute Equal Breathing + 10 minutes meditation ✔


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