Writing 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 17

Day 17 ~ Have curse words become so common they have lost their shock value?

Well, this is a good question!

Yes, I think that many curse words have lost their shock value. I mean, I have heard teenagers refer to their friends as “b**ch” or *a***ole” in an almost joking way or like a pet name. This is very strange to me because when I was that age if someone called me one of those then they were not my friend and/or they were simply being mean.

I have even heard small grade school kids using curse words and quite frankly that is more shocking to me than any of their peers!
Kids don’t think swearing is bad or, I suppose not bad, but definitely not nice things to be saying to other people. I can say that I hear more cuss words from kids than any sort of manners, like please, thank you, or excuse me and that honestly makes me a little disappointed. I don’t feel like it is difficult to teach a child to use manners, which does encompass not using swear words!

I swear, certainly way, way less than when I was a teenager and definitely not in just general conversation, but I still do. And I have tried to clean up my potty mouth vocab over the last few years so my son doesn’t learn these words and think it is ok to use them. I have been extremely fortunate that he hasn’t gleaned anything from me up to this point!

On the other side of this, I also think that they are just words and have adapted specific meanings over the years to make them “bad” words. This is not to say that I think little kiddos should be using them!
I can think of words that aren’t curse words, but are much more hurtful when used like ‘stupid’, ‘homo’, or ‘retarded’ and these have no shock value on them either which is so very sad.


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