Hero’s Journey ~ Day 47

Welp ~ ! Today for Hero’s Journey I decided to use my wrist weights (body armour) and that left my arms/shoulders twitching like crazy after I was finished. Arms had to remain raised up either to the front or the side for the duration of each set, which didn’t really seem that difficult but it was by the time I got halfway through it!
Not to mention the exercises today had my legs all jelly-like as well with two types of squats, followed by lunges. Stairs were impossible after I got done that workout, but I actually really enjoyed it. I don’t feel sore or stiff either so that’s a plus!!

Hero’s Journey made me think of my brother today. Not because of the exercises themselves, but because of the whole “arms up at all times” from start to finish of each set.

I started learning how to punch correctly and learning some boxing combos when I got a punching bag for Christmas a couple of years ago.
And when my brother was home on leave I remember him telling me “to keep my arms up”. I didn’t even realize I kept dropping them when I went to throw any kind of punch, thus leaving myself with no defense if my opponent chose to throw a punch at me.
He didn’t want me to develop a bad habit that would be hard to break in the future and now, close to two years later, I don’t drop my hands and I can thank him (and muscle memory 😛 ) for that!

Total Abs D17 ~ Ab Circuit ~ Level 3/7 sets ✅

Meditation Challenge D17 ~ 10 minutes meditation & OM Mantra ✔


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