Writing 30-Day Challenge ~ Day 15

Day 15 ~ Bullet-point your whole day

…..*sigh*…… my life is totally not interesting enough for this….

5-5:30am – slept through my first two alarms
5:45am – got up and out of bed
5:45-6am – morning routine in zombie mode
6:10am – sat on the couch with my coffee
6:20am – my son got up
6:30am – cuddled with the kiddo on the couch, watched my coffee sit to the side all by its lonesome šŸ˜¦

6:50am – started making his breakfast
6:55am – looked over my exercises for the day, sipped at my re-heated coffee
7:15am – finished making breakfast
7:20-7:50am – sat at my desk, cleaned it up, and finished first cup of coffee
8-8:30am – put Futurama on for the kiddo and I did three Korean lessons with Rosetta Stone
8:45am – changed into work out clothes
8:50am – started warming up for programs (HJ and Total Abs)
9-10:10am – work outs! Plenty of interruptions like normal so wasn’t straight through all that time.
10:10am – got my son a snack
10:15-11am – finished up working out
11-11:15am – cool down/stretching
11:20-11:30am – ate a banana, had a protein shake, took a Glucosamine, and finished last cup of coffee
11:30-11:45am – rough house (body break) with my son
11:45-12:10pm – prepped first blog post and checked in at Darebee.com
12:15pm – got lunch ready for the kiddo
12:45pm – played Rockband 2 with my son, or more accurately, I sang and he took pictures…
1pm – changed clothes, plugged phone in to charge, made the bed, and had a quick snack
1:15-1:40pm – started writing this blog post and then took a break so, you know, stuff could happen šŸ˜›
1:45-2pm – vacuumed downstairs & put Aladdin on for my son
2:05-2:10pm – washed grapes and prepped my snack for tonight and the next two days
2:15pm – put a load of wash on
2:18-2:25pm – washed the dishes and made coffee for tomorrow
2:25-2:35pm – started a craft with my son
2:40-2:50pm – Hulkhands got home from work and I got organized to have a shower
2:55-3:20pm – showered and got dressed
3:25pm – moved the clothes from the washer to the dryer
3:35-3:45pm – finished up the craft with my son. Made a blue octopus šŸ™‚
3:45-4:15pm – chilled out, various activities from just sitting and chatting to surfing the net
4:15pm – go drop my son off at his father’s place

After this point I won’t be home until later so that’s as far as I am going to do this day as I’m not keeping track while I’m out.
It’s pretty boring right?! hahaha


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