Hero’s Journey ~ Day 45

Lots of push-ups and today was another weapons’ practice day for Hero’s Journey

I only picked pull-ups, free weights (bicep curls/bent over rows/shoulder press), and planks for my weapons today as my hips are still really hurting so I’m giving them one more day of rest.
And lots of stretching!!

My hands are actually kind of sore from all the pull-ups today, apparently the few calloused parts on my palms are not tough enough yet 😛 But, I did a total of 31 reps (over 10 reps for my 1st set!!), which is the most I have ever done so *thumbs up* for me!

Total Abs didn’t seem like it would be even remotely difficult today but once I started my first set I was proven wrong! It was 420 reps (on Level 3) of flutter kicks for this program. I was unaware if how sore my core actually was until I started on it. Also, at the halfway mark for this fitness program and for the Meditation Challenge too!!

Meditation Challenge ~ Backup & Restore Workout + 10 minutes meditation ~ ✔


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